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The People We Can't Do Without

The Song Cyclists would like to thank:

Evans Cycles for providing glorious bikes that actually made it 1000 miles

Caledonian Sleeper for sponsoring our beds up to Scotland so that we had the legs to get on the bikes when we arrived in Thurso 

Great Western Rail for sponsoring our return tickets to London when we were too tired to stand up

Carlo Rizzi, Roger Gifford, Clare PF Taylor, Adrian Waddingham, Alisdair Nisbet and Jonathan Lane for sponsoring our expenses to ensure that every pound donated goes straight to Mind

Mark 'Sir Dave Brailsford' Searle for heroically stepping in at the last minute to drive a Transit van alongside us, feed us, wake us up in the mornings, manage our concerts and generally glue the whole damn thing together. 

Ana and Ellie for their vocal expertise and days spent in the support vehicle keeping us motivated

Eve Morris, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Phil Barrett, Benedict Collins-Rice and Rob Brooks for their help in rehearsal and recording

Sophia Casciato, Aaron Shaw, Nicola Ash, Jessica Cook and the entire team at Mind for taking us seriously when we approached them out of the blue one November morning and for their constant willingness to help ever since

BB's Bunkhouse, Inverness Cathedral, Mary, Jenny, Sapphire, Imogen, Graeme, Janet, St Chrysostom Manchester, Carol, Sam, Elaine, Adrian, Nikki, Charlie, Judith, Eva, Harry, Adrian, Fionn, Camilla, Lesley, Kate and everyone else who helped us to find the most gorgeous venues and the most wonderful hosts throughout this enormous event.

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