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Sponsorship from Evans helps us to be #BetterByBike

We are thrilled to announce that Evans Cycles are sponsoring our trip with superb Pinnacle Dolomite 2 2018s.

They are perfect for this sort of UK tour, with all of the performance specification of a race bike, but with the odd, much-appreciated nod towards some extra comfort for this 1000 mile ride. With less than ten kilos of weight to pedal through the Highlands, carbon forks will provide gentle suspension for bumpy mountain roads, Continental racing tyres will maintain maximum pace and the latest Shimano disc brakes will keep us honest on those downhills, assuming we make it up in the first place.

Even more excitingly, Evans have recently begun their own campaign, Better By Bike encouraging cycling for better mental and physical health.

The initiative will see the UK’s largest high street cycling retailer help inspire the public to ride more regularly and show the world why everyone can become “better by bike”. Whether you're a seasoned tourer or a complete beginner, we can all share in the mental, physical and environmental benefits of pedal power.

Aside from the obvious physiological advantages like better lung and heart functionality, strengthened bones and increased muscle form, cycling can be a supremely effective agent in maintaining mental health. Aerobic exercise like cycling reduces stress and anxiety, increases self-esteem and can also help combat depression through the natural release of endorphins in your brain.

It also saves money on transport and helps to conserve the planet’s natural resources and maintain a cleaner environment.

"Along with the endorphins and feeling of accomplishment you achieve, exercise allows you to escape your routine and clear your mind, giving you the space to think through and sort out any difficulties you might be facing. When I'm really struggling, both with day-to-day challenges and my ongoing mental wellbeing, I always find going for a cycle or a run puts me in the right place to make breakthroughs and to take steps in the right direction" said baritone Joachim Cassel.

Tenor Ollie Clarke commented "Combining exercise, shared goals and friends is why I’ve always loved team sports. Cycling adds the opportunity to explore, appreciate and enjoy nature and our surroundings. So Team cycling is my one-stop-shop for mental-care."

Ben Chapple added "I’ve mostly done individual sport in the past, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing the spirit of mutual support and endeavour that this cycle will produce".

Evans manage a number of campaigns to get people on two wheels, including the flagship Ride-to-Work scheme helping over 170,000 people commute by bike,

The Great Evans Cycles Trade In saving money on new bikes whilst giving their old models a new lease of life and providing FIX IT maintenance classes for all.

Commenting on the new initiative, CEO Alan Fort said: “We are really excited to unveil the Better by bike campaign. Cycling, in all its different forms, has so many benefits for both individuals and our wider society. By using our position as the UK’s leading specialist bike shop to highlight some of these, we hope to encourage people of all ages to get out and ride more. Now fully into British summer, what better time to show the world how everyone can become better by bike!”

For more information, please visit:

Follow Evans Cycles on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and join the conversation, with a chance to win a Pinnacle bike, with the hashtag #BetterByBike

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