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Three Lions In Motion?

With 10 days to go until we set off from John O'Groats, we're going to start adding daily updates here and to our email subscribers. Although things have been a bit quiet on the news section of our website, that's less because we've not been doing anything and more because we've been a bit busy practising, training and trying to fix up a nationwide tour! Thankfully, with the help of many generous individuals, Great Western Rail and Evans Cycles, we are ready to go and really looking forward to getting going. This flyer has been distributed to all corners of the country and we can't wait to get to these venues.

Can still climb a step after 70 miles then...

Finding time to cycle together has been a challenge, but the league table of Strava has kept everyone honest enough. Ben and Ollie can be seen bombing around the streets of London on their new bikes, Joachim knocked off a 100km running race around the mountains of Salzburg and Jonny and Will put in just under 70 miles from Lewisham to Cambridge to see if, in the safe zone of their alma mater, they could still sing after a day in the saddle. Here are the results:

So with any worries about fatigue firmly put to bed, we've been enjoying as much World Cup action as we can fit in before we hit the road. This afternoon we got together early for England Belgium and started thinking about World Cup Songs. Baddiel and Barnes - look away now!

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