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Some Sidney Sussex Substitutions

Smoulders too dangerous for the open road
Smoulders too dangerous for the open road

Our first blog post is a bit of a sad one, as, not unexpectedly, the demands of taking a fortnight off work for a 14 date concert tour have prohibited a couple of the original Song Cyclists from taking part. Laurens Macklon's opera schedule and Paddy Flanagan's television contracts have ruled them out, but we are pleased to announce a super sub in the form of Jonny Venvell, who will bring all of his bass-baritone and music tech nouse to the project. Jonny currently works in London as Head of Artist Relations at Encore, an online musician-booking platform he helped set up after graduating. When not startup-building, he sings early music with the Renaissance Singers, new music with the Facade Ensemble, and noodles around on jazz piano and drums with anyone who’ll listen. He added: “Having witnessed first-hand the debilitating effects of mental illness, particularly among musicians, I feel privileged to be able to contribute to the great work Mind are doing in destigmatising and treating mental health problems.”

Jonny gazes at the path ahead

The Song Cyclists are thrilled to have Jonny on board (in the saddle?) and pleased that another member of the Sidney Sussex 2012-2015 cohort is up for this endeavour. There must have been something in the water around then, as games of five a side football by the Washington Monument and 3am running races through the streets of Florence have probably already testified. We are all looking forward to our biggest challenge yet and will be following up with updates from this weekend's rehearsals soon.

Sportstour never ends

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